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Super is personal. Our broad range of solutions is designed to help you tailor portfolios that align with your clients' vision of the future.

Cash solutions

Your cash account is core to your portfolio and will be used to facilitate the buying and selling of investments, allows you to make payments and receive income as well as pay any fees and charges. Your cash account is not intended to be used as an investment option but rather act as your transaction hub.

Interest Rates


Cash account

Self-directed Clients

Advised Clients

Centric Cash



Paried CMA - ANZ V2 Plus



Term Deposits

PlatformplusWRAP gives you access to a range of term deposit providers, allowing you the flexibility to choose from a range of interest rate options paid monthly, yearly or at maturity to meet your needs.

Managed Funds

Managed funds offer a convenient way to invest. PlatformplusWrap provides access over XXX managed funds across a range of investment styles and asset classes allowing you to invest with ease.

ASX Listed securities

Trade a wide range of securities that are listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX ). Trade from $xx or x% and complete your corporate actions online.

Managed Accounts

Access a selection of professionally managed portfolio solutions that are tailored to meet a range of investment objectives. Managed accounts offer you the benefits of active portfolio management and transparency of the underlying investments within your portfolio.

Exchange traded funds (ETFs)

Choose from a comprehensive selection of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) offering you low-cost access to a wide variety of securities and asset classes in a single trade.


Annuities provide you with a guaranteed income regardless of how markets perform with flexible payment options to suit your needs.

Supporting diverse investment preferences

Our platform proudly includes a robust selection of environment, social, and governance (ESG) investment options.

ESG investing refers to an investment decision process that considers some form of Environmental, Social or Governance (ESG) factors. Rather than simply focusing on returns, investors are increasingly seeking to ensure that their investments align with their values.

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